A look back at the talks that made XOXO.


On our first day, we heard from creators of all kinds — musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, game designers, and more — who creatively used the Internet to find their audience, build a community, and make a living doing what they love.

  1. Welcome

    Andy Baio

    XOXO Festival

    Kicking off the festival with some opening comments about how XOXO came to exist, what it's all about, and what made it unique.

  2. Product Design

    Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt

    Studio Neat / Glif / Cosmonaut

    Creators of the Glif and Cosmonaut, two blockbuster projects on Kickstarter, and authors of a new self-published book on design entrepreneurship.

  3. Comics

    R. Stevens

    Diesel Sweeties

    For 12 years, Diesel Sweeties pioneered webcomics, experimenting with newspaper syndication, merchandising, crowdfunding and bacon.

  4. Film

    James Swirsky & Lisanne Pajot

    Indie Game: The Movie

    Directors of the Sundance-award winning documentary tracking the agony of indie game development. Interviewed by filmmaker Jason Scott.

  5. Art / Illustration

    Emily Winfield Martin

    Black Apple

    Emily’s dolls and illustrations made her the top seller of handmade art on Etsy, helping her fulfill her dream of creating children’s books.

  6. Video Games

    Ron Carmel

    World of Goo / Indie Fund

    Co-founder of 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, and partner at Indie Fund. Interviewed by Jamin Warren, founder of Kill Screen magazine.

  7. Hack / Hardware

    Bre Pettis


    Co-founder and CEO of Makerbot, the first company to bring 3D printers to the home, and Thingiverse, the online community for sharing digital designs for real-life objects.

  8. Music

    Julia Nunes


    How recording ukulele covers in her dorm room for her friends at home led to 50 million YouTube views, four self-published albums, and Conan O’Brien.

  9. Business

    Matt Haughey


    Founder of MetaFilter, one of the web’s longest-running and most respected web communities, and its popular Q&A section, Ask MetaFilter.

  10. Keynote

    Dan Harmon


    Emmy-winning writer, former executive producer of Community, co-founder of Channel 101, and executive producer of Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa.


On day two, we heard the stories of the creative technologists who’re creating the platforms being used to rewrite entire industries, from filmmaking and music to publishing and fine art.

  1. Funding

    Yancey Strickler


    Co-founder of Brooklyn-based Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

  2. Music

    Maggie Vail & Jesse Von Doom

    CASH Music

    Executive directors of CASH Music, an open-source toolkit for helping independent musicians support themselves.

  3. Publishing

    Evan Ratliff

    The Atavist

    Wired journalist turned startup founder, Evan’s helping find new outlets for longform writing and multimedia storytelling.

  4. Visual Art

    Jen Bekman


    Founder and CEO of 20x200, a marketplace helping artists make a living by turning everyone into an art collector.

  5. Online Video

    Jamie Wilkinson


    Co-founder of VHX, a new streaming video platform helping filmmakers bypass the studio system to distribute DRM-free films directly to fans.

  6. Finance

    Josh Reich


    Like all of us, Josh hated his bank. Unlike most of us, he started a company to fix it as the CEO and co-founder of Simple.

  7. Handmade Art

    Chad Dickerson


    CEO and former CTO of Etsy, the world’s largest marketplace of handmade art and vintage finds.

  8. Community

    Chris Poole

    Canvas / 4chan

    Founder of two of the Internet’s most creative communities, the notorious 4chan, and Canvas, its playful image remixing cousin.

  9. Keynote

    Adam Savage

    Mythbusters / Tested

    Obsessive model maker, passionate defender of maker culture, and co-host of Mythbusters and Tested.